What We Offer

Because the Catholic Church has such high regard for the Sacrament of Marriage, she wants all who are approaching this life-long and immensely important sacrament to understand what Christian marriage entails. Some form of marriage preparation is required before a marriage can be celebrated in church.


It is very important to “book” your marriage at church when you are arranging the date and time of the reception. You cannot guarantee the church or a minister to be available at any time. 


Let us know your hopes for your wedding date and time as soon as possible. Wedding days are often booked much more than a year ahead.


Marriage preparation normally takes place over several months. The earlier we know of your intended date of marriage, the easier it is to arrange the necessary preparation well clear of the busier days closer to your wedding. Marriage preparation often includes time with an experienced Catholic married couple and a weekend away with other engaged couples. There will also be time with the minister both planning the detail of the service and, importantly, exploring with you what is involved in undertaking a Christian marriage within the Catholic Church and why the Church has such high regard for married couples living out their marriage vows in their own new family.